Northfield Cremation


We invite you to contact us with your questions at (507) 645-5123, and we are glad to arrange a tour of our comfortable facilities.


When you choose Benson & Langehough Funeral Home & Cremation for cremation, you know that your loved one will always be in Preston or Andy’s attentive and capable hands. Our Meadow Green Crematory is a safe and secure environment allowing your loved one to remain in our custody at all times. We handle every step of the cremation process with dignity and respect.  You can be assured that the cremation is performed with dignity and to the highest standards.


There is a significant difference between “cremation services” and “on-site crematory services.” The biggest advantage to Bierman Funeral Home owning and operating Meadow Green Crematory is the certainty of knowing that the process is being handled with the utmost care. We are among the few mortuaries in Minnesota to operate its own crematory. Meadow Green Crematory is a secure facility and is inspection ready at all times.


During a cremation, the casket or container holding your loved one is placed in the cremation chamber. When the cremation is complete, the cremated remains are carefully removed from the cremation chamber.  We then place them in an urn chosen by the family. Throughout the entire process, we use a meticulously controlled labeling system to ensure accurate identification. This procedure follows our commitment to providing the highest standard of care.

“Thank you for all your comforting support during the planning of Dad’s funeral. All your hard work is truly appreciated.”

D.T. and family

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