Troy Manderfeld

Troy Manderfeld, age 54 of Northfield, passed away unexpectedly on Monday, January 8, 2018. Troy Robert Manderfeld was born June 10, 1963, in Northfield, Minnesota, to Robert and Jean Mary (Hale) Manderfeld. He graduated from Northfield High School in 1982. Following his education he worked at Ryt-Way and in 1989 began working at Malt-O-Meal. Troy was an avid bicyclist and snowmobiler. He was a member of the Waterford Warrior’s Snowmobile Club and the Clutchman’s Club – having a beautifully restored Plymouth Road Runner. He was private, meticulous, quiet, sensitive, and very much a caring and loving father. Survivors include his … Continue reading Troy Manderfeld